Housing market

Are you leaving Lübeck for a semester stuyding abroad and want to rent your room for short term rent? Contact us via internationales@asta.uni-luebeck.de and your offer will be posted so that incoming Erasmus-Students or interns will be able to find it here. CAVE: This platform is only made for short term rent-offers.

You want to get more information on a special offer or you have found a room you want to rent? Write an E-Mail to us as well and we will arrange the contact with your potential new landlord.


Recently, we got some requests from students, who were looking for a place to live. 

Unfurtunately we - the subcommittee on International affairs of the AStA - do not provide rooms, but in addition to the flats on this website we recommend the following useful links and information:
www.immonet.de / www.immowelt.de

If you want to apply for a room in the Studentenwerk-dormitories or want further information about that, use the following link: https://www.studentenwerk.sh/en/accommodation/accommodation.html.

Advertisment by Benjamin (18.04.22)

What: Room in Shared Flat (2 people)

Where: Anschützstraße

What's inside:

- Room: bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, bookshelf

- Flat: equiped kitchen, bath with shower

How much: 222€ including power, water and internet

When: April 2022 till August/September 2022