LISO - Lübeck's international student organizations

Are you wondering what Project LISO deals with? 

LISO, short for Lübeck's International student organizations, is a platform for - as the name says - different international projects and groups on the campus and in Lübeck in general. Our main goal is to simplify social interaction, integration and participation in these projects. In order to get to know them better, most of the organizations have introduced themselves in a couple of sentences. Just contact them, if you are interested in joining them or one of their events :). Currently we are working on a calender, in which upcoming events of every single organization will be posted. Both International and German students are invited and welcomed in joining these events!

International Student Organizations

  • United students Lübeck (USL) - a local ERASMUS initiative

    United students Lübeck (USL) - a local ERASMUS initiative

    USL is a  student organisation dedicated for International and Erasmus students as well as german students who are interested in the Erasmus + program.

    The activities of USL are diverse: We offer international evenings, excursions, help with questions of daily student life and much more. 

    Checkout our social media platforms for more infos about our upcoming announcements and events.


    Instagram: @us.lue

    PS: We are are always looking for students with great social skills to be part of our team. If being fun is your thing, send us an email to include you in our next team meeting :)

    Our email address is:


    LEI team University of Lübeck (UzL)



  • Café Weitblick - Propaedeutics

    Café Weitblick - Propaedeutics

    The Café Weitblick, as part of the propaedeutics programme, is a place to feel comforted. You can join us, have a cup of tea or coffee and just talk to us about everything you might want to. Our focus is on psychosocial support. We help international students (or students-to-be) in their way around the uni, difficulties with beaurocracy, langauage, and personal consideration. But we also enjoy to have a nice chat!

    Contact us via, please use a subject line which fits to your request.

    For further information about the whole programme, visit

  • Lübeck AGeXchange (for medical students)

    Lübeck AGeXchange (for medical students)

    Hi there! We are the Lübeck AGeXchange and in charge of organizing internships for medical students on a local level. As part of the Bundesvertretung der Medizinstudierenden in Deutschland e.V. (bvmd, our national association) we participate in an international exchange program which provides approx. 400 German students a year with the opportunity of an internship abroad. In reverse, the program welcomes 400 international students in Germany.


    Our main focus is on supporting international students during their internship in Lübeck. Besides the organizational side of the stay we enjoy showing our beautiful city and its cultural aspects through international dinners, city tours, discussions on health systems and group activities such as climbing and ice-skating. 


    If you are interested in an internship abroad, take a look here:


    Feel free to contact us with any concern:

    and have look on our latest events Facebook

  • EMSA - European Medical Students' Association

    EMSA - European Medical Students' Association

    The European Medical Students` Association (EMSA) is an organization representing medical students from all over Europe. Since 1990 it has become the voice of multiple Medical Organizations and it represents our shared values. 
    As of right now, there are 140 projects coordinated by the more than 110 Faculty Member Organizations in 30 countries across Europe. The FMO´s are the “true core” of EMSA and the local committees that medical students can join at their university. 
    Twice a year a general assembly concerning special issues takes place, there are trainings and workshops, in which we as the FMO Lübeck want to take part in. 
    Our goal is to give local projects a European stage, to connect and interchange with similar projects and to continuously develop our own ideas. 
    If we managed to spark your interest and you identify yourself with the pillars of the EMSA (Medical Education, Medical Ethics & Human Rights, Health Policy, Medical Science and European Integration and Culture) don’t hesitate to contact us via – we would love to invite you to our next meeting and answer your questions. 

  • Operation Popcornkino

    Operation Popcornkino

    We are the "Operation Popcornkino" - a small but great student group of cineasts. We are bringing blockbuster cinema and movie marathons straight into the Audimax since 2012! Approximately every 3-4 weeks during the semester time we are showing not only one but two, sometimes even three hand choosen movies. The best: it's totally for free! Enjoy the friday evening with fresh popcorn, cold softdrinks and beer - all for cheap student prices, so please do not bring your own stuff.

    During exam time we also have the special "Operation Flopkornkino" sneak where we present you the wierdest, funniest movies of our collection; once a year we plan a huge marathon weekend - you'll probably never come so close to call the Audimax your home like when you're doing a Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon

    At last, we are managing the movie license and popcorn machine of the student body, so if you want to organize a movie event, participate in our group or have general questions, feel free to reach us via mail at or on our social media!

    Unfortunately COVID-19 has also stopped our shows for the summer semester and the upcoming winter semester. We are eagerly waiting to be able to restart - until then, stay safe and healthy!

    Your Mission Control

    Contact us via: Mail: Facebook: Instagram:

  • Unikino


    Uni Kino is a program, which is organized by Koki and the Culture, Environment and Sport Department of General Students Committee (AStA).
    Every week on Tuesdays at 08:30 pm. each student in Lübeck with a valid student ID card has the possibility to watch a movie in KOKI just for 3€. The movies are often shown in their original version with subtitles.  
    You can visit our Facebook under ,, Unikino Lübeck’’ or check out the monthly program on the Koki’s website under this link:
    We would be happy to have you in Unikino.

International Groups in Lübeck

  • Projekt FLOW

    Projekt FLOW

    The FLOW project is mainly trying to build bridges for these who have recently come to Lübeck and the people having lived here for quite a while. The aim ist to get in touch with each other and facilitate exchange between cultures, ages and people of different background.
    Within the project we offer low-threshold activities such as bowling, bouldering or mini-golfing, as well as supportive regular meetings such as a study group for MINT lessons or help with the German job application process. All this is framed by bigger cultural events like public readings, bike rallyes, soccer tournaments, museum exhibitions or simply intercultural parties.
    As we have a broad network of partners we can also refer people to sports clubs, music clubs, theater groups or other local associations of certain fields of interest and we are proud to be participating in many of  the intercultural events Lübeck has on the agenda, for example the "Interkultureller Sommer".
    The project is managed by a team of three at our office on Mühlentorplatz close to the city center but we wouldn't be the same without the contribution of our many terrific volunteers. Mentioning this, we always look for further engagements and love to welcome new faces of all ages, colors, beliefs  to the project - taking part in the events or volunteering with what you are best at.
    Follow us on Instagram @flow_projekt or on Facebook @Flow_Luebeck or send a text to Jana: 0151-55298583


  • International Facebook groups in Lübeck

    International Facebook groups in Lübeck

    Next to the projects above there are some more or less active Facebook groups which deal with internationality in Lübeck. Do not hesitate to join them :) 

    1. - Language Exchange Lübeck

    2. - International Students Lübeck