International Offices

The International office is the "official head organization" for International students. It helps organizing studies abroad for students mainly studying in Lübeck but also supports International students during they stay here e.g. by coordinating different mobility programms or bureaucratic issues. If you want to apply for studies in Lübeck, this office is your first main point of contact. 


University of Lübeck (UzL)

The contact person for incoming students at UzL is Una Doherty. You can contact her via or +49 (0)451 3101 1257.

Follow this link for more information on International office of UzL:


Technical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck (THL)

The International Office of THL is devided into two subcommittees: The China coordination and the International office for all other students. 

Follow this link for information on different team members and how to contact them: or use their generell E-Mail adresses: and

Subcommittees on International affairs of the students' union executive committee (AStA)