WANTED: Language buddy!

Hey! Do you want to learn or improve a language? Did you come back from studying abroad and want to keep a recently learnt language in mind? Or do you just want to get to know other people while chatting with a cup of coffee? At the beginning of each semester, we ask you to participate in the language buddy program via Mail. We collect all requests and match you based on your language skills. For those, who missed the deadline or wants to join later in the semester, we publish a list of students, who did not find a buddy so far, below. So take a look at the list to find a potential language buddy. 

If you have found someone who wants to learn the same languages as you or speaks them already, just write a E-Mail to in order to get the contact information you need. 


The list has been updated for the sommersemester 2022. 


name spoken languages is looking for...
Ioanna Greek (native), German (very good) French (C1), Chinese, Ukrainian, Italien
Reyhaneh Persian German, English
Popescu Romanian German (B2)
Mohammad Arabic, Kurmanji Turkish
Prempeh Twi (native), English German, French
Jiayi Chinese (native), German (very good) English, Italian
Ahmad Arabic (native) Spanish, German
Majd Arabic (native) German (C1, wants to improve speaking skills)
Ahmed Arabic (native), English (C1) German (B1)
Hussam Arabic (native) German, English
Mohamed Arabic (native), English (C1) German (A1)
Mostafa Arabic (native), English (fluent) German (Beginner)
Vladislav Russian (native) French
Cecilia German (native), Spanish (native), English Portuguese (B1), Italian
Nora German (native) Italian
Merle German (native), English Italian
Mona German (native), English Czech (B2)
Amber German (native) Danish (Beginner)
Cosima German (native) Norwegian
Julia German, English Spanish, Swedish, maybe French
Fabian German (native), English Japanese (JLPT N5)
Annika German (native), English Norwegian
Maximilian German (native) French (B1)
Sarah German (native) English (B2), French (B2-C1)
Antonia German (native), English French (B1/B2)
Susanne German (native), English Spanish (Beginner)
Jacqueline German (native), English Italian
Nadine German (native), English Swedish (B2), Norwegian (B2)
Judith German (native) Swedish (Beginner)
Leah German (native), English Italian
Charlotte German (native), English Italian, Spanish
Hannah German (native), English Spanish
Phillip German (native), English French, Spanish, Swedish
Flora German (native) Italian
Laura German (native), English Swedish
Jule German (native) Swedish
Anna German (native) Danish (Beginner)
Lisa German (native) Italian (B2/C1)
Alma German (native), English Norwegian
Melvin German (native) Italian


Have you ever heard about our mentoring programme, Study Buddy?
Study Buddy is a mentoring-programme for International and German students, with the intention to encourage the contact and exchange between International and German students and so the intercultural life at the universities of Schleswig-Holstein. Two students (International & German) get in touch due to similar interests and languages.
The Study Buddies meet in their free time and do, what is fun for them. They decide, how often they want to meet.
If you want to sign up for the program or you are looking for further information, visit this website: