WANTED: Language buddy!

Hey! You! Do you want to learn or improve a language? Did you come back from studying abroad and want to keep a recently learnt language in mind? Or do you just want to get to know other people while chatting with a cup of coffee (if corona is over, of course...:))? Yes? Then take a look at our list of students, who feel the same as you. 

If you have found someone who wants to learn the same languages as you or speaks them already, just write a E-Mail to in order to get the contact information you need. 


name studies spoken languages is looking for... already has at least one buddy at the moment
Andrea medicine german, english, french italian x
Anna medicine german, english, spanish spanish x
Anna medicine german, english, spanish english, spanish, french, hebrew  
Annika physiotherapy german, english, spanish spanish x
Caro physiotherapy german, english, spanish spanish, german sign language  
Chiara ~ german, english, italian english x
Clara medicine german*, english, norwegian norwegian, finnish, hebrew  
Clara medical nutritional science german* english, spanish  
Clara medicine german polish  
Clara medicine german*, dutch danish, norwegian  
David medicine german, english, french, spanish french, spanish x
Emma medical informatics german, english, spanish spanish  
Enri entrepreneurship in digital technologies german, english, french russish  
Franziska ergotherapy german*, english, spanish spanish  
Franziska audiology (HAT) german, danish danish  
Frederike medicine german*, english, french spanish  
Frizzi medicine german*, english, french english, french x
Hannah medicine german, english, french, spanish english, french, spanish, russish, hebrew x
Hassan medical engineering arabic, english, german spanish x
Helene medicine german, english, spanish spanish, arabic x
Ivona molecular life science german, french, english french, english x
Jennifer medicine german, english norwegian  
Johanna medical nutritional science german, english, swedish swedish, spanish  
Jonas molecular life science german swedish, english  
Julia nutritional medicine german*, english english, spanish x
Julian PhD, molecular life science german, english, french spanish  
Kishore ~ english german  
Lara ~ german, english hebrew  
Lea medicine german, english french x
Lea medicine german russish  
Lilith psychology german, english, armenian english, spanish  
Maike physiotherapy german* english x
Mandy medicine german*, english spanish  
Marie PhD french*, english german x
Merrit medicine german, english korean  
Miriam ~ german, english, spanish, french korean  
Nadine mathematics in medicine and life sciences german swedish  
Nico physiotherapy german norwegian  
Nina medicine german, english spanish  
Noora ~ german, english french  
Pauline psychology german, english, portuguese portuguese, french x
Prempeh infection biology english german x
Rebecca medicine german, english, norwegian norwegian, spanish  
Sameed ~ english, urdu german  
Sara medicine german, spanish, english spanish, italian, arabic x
Sarah-Maria ~ german, english, spanish french x
Steffen ~ german, english swedish  
Stella medicine italian*, french french, arabic x
Susanne ~ german* french, english  
Synia physiotherapy german english, swedish, spanish  
Tammo IT-security german*, english japanese  
Yamil Biomedical Engineering spanish, english german x
Yannick IT-security german, english french, icelandic, japanese x
Ziad medical computer science german, english, arabic english, italian x
    * = mother tongue (extra info)    


Have you ever heard about our mentoring programme, Study Buddy?
Study Buddy is a mentoring-programme for International and German students, with the intention to encourage the contact and exchange between International and German students and so the intercultural life at the universities of Schleswig-Holstein. Two students (International & German) get in touch due to similar interests and languages.
The Study Buddies meet in their free time and do, what is fun for them. They decide, how often they want to meet.
If you want to sign up for the program or you are looking for further information, visit this website: